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Food Cart Burglar Used Drone to Case Out Businesses

Portland Police found a suspect they purport is responsible for burglarizing more than one food cart in the area, and they believe that he used a drone to help him illegally enter the establishments.

On October 1, in Northeast Portland, two vendors at the Piedmont Station Food Carts, Hapa Howie’s and PDX Dönerländ, were allegedly victims of break-ins involving the theft of valuables and money from inside their food pods.

Some of the items the establishments reported stolen were computer equipment, cash, audio electronics, cooking utensils, and business checks.

On the same day, the Sabor Casero Taqueria Y Pupuseria food truck located a couple of blocks from Piedmont Station was also reportedly entered by a suspect that said they had encountered on three other occasions. The owner caught the suspect in action that morning and captured him on video.

It was later discovered that security camera footage was recorded from the time of the reported burglaries that had taken place in Piedmont Station.

The video reportedly showed a drone flying around the park after hours with a focus on the areas where the locks are placed on some of the trucks inside. A man wearing a distinctive shirt bearing the letters “LSC” on the back was also seen in the recording as he entered at least one of the trucks.

The owners of Sabor Casero Taqueria Y Pupuseria said that the man caught in their establishment was wearing a shirt with an identical description, and they purported that it was the same suspect who was involved in the robberies at Piedmont Station.

The police named 34-year-old Christopher T. Behurst as the person who committed the robberies, and he was arrested on Wednesday.

Behurst was booked into the Multnomah County jail and charged for suspicion of felony burglary, and felony robbery. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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