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Fortune Frowned on Family after Fight over Chinese Food 

A man and his daughter were arrested and charged for domestic violence after a family fight over Chinese food became violent. 

A 51-year-old man and his wife share a home with their son and daughter in Wildwood, Florida, 

On the evening of September 16, the family ordered takeout Chinese for dinner. 

According to reports, the restaurant did not mark which dish was in each container, and it reportedly caused a beef between some of the family members. 

The mother did not want to eat, and she went to her room instead. 

Her son grabbed a container and began eating. His father noted that the boxes were unmarked, and he did not know which was his. 

When it was discovered that the father’s food was eaten by his son by mistake, an argument broke out between the two. 

It was reported that the sister took her dad’s side and began hitting her brother in the face with a closed fist. The father allegedly grabbed his son and put him in a chokehold. 

When the mother heard the disturbance, she went into the kitchen and saw the ongoing assault. She tried to get them to stop fighting, but when she was unsuccessful, she called the authorities for help. 

When the police arrived, they reported that the alleged victim had redness around his neck, and his eye looked like it was developing a fresh bruise. 

After collecting statements from everyone at the house, the police decided that the alleged victim’s dad and sister were responsible for the incident. 

They were both taken into custody and booked into the Sumter County Detention Center. 

The alleged victim’s father is facing charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation, and misdemeanor battery. 

His sister is also facing a misdemeanor battery charge. 

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