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Teenage Drunk Driver Stole and Crashed Truck 

Last weekend, a teenage girl was accused of driving drunk in a stolen truck after she crashed the vehicle and fled from the scene. 

Early in the morning on September 17, the Petaluma police were informed about a single-vehicle accident in the local area involving a Chevrolet truck. 

When officers went to the location, they spoke with people who said they saw the accident as it happened. It was reported that a young female driver smashed the vehicle into a fence.  

The witnesses reported that they also got a good look at the girl that was driving the truck, who was no longer at the scene by the time the police arrived. Some of the bystanders showed the police the direction in which they believed the girl went when she took off. 

After they collected a description of the girl, the authorities went looking for her.  

They searched in the vicinity of the crash site in the direction that the witnesses pointed to, and the girl was found hiding nearby. 

When they interacted with her, the police reported that they believed the girl, who is 15 years old, had been drinking alcoholic beverages. They asserted that she was driving under the influence when she struck the fence. 

The allegedly imbibed underage girl was first examined at a local hospital before being booked into the Sonoma County juvenile hall. She may face charges of vehicle theft, burglary, hit and run, and DUI. 

Due to the age of the suspect, her identity has been withheld. 

The owner of the truck was informed about the situation, and the authorities learned that the vehicle had been stolen, but the theft had not been reported. 

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