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Fugitive Commented on Facebook Post About Search for Her

When the police were searching for a Las Vegas woman who has had seven DUI arrests since 2008, she left a comment on a social media post asking the public for help locating her.

A 35-year-old woman who has had seven DUI arrests since 2007 was offered a plea bargain in her most recent case. Part of the deal included allowing her to enter a treatment program for felony DUIs, and if she gets another one, she will have to serve time in prison.

She had a court appearance scheduled regarding the program and she did not show up.

She was sentenced to two days in jail, and when she was released, the authorities believed she removed her GPS ankle tracking monitor in violation of a court order.

8 News Now posted on Facebook about the situation, and they reached out to the public for assistance to try to locate her.

The woman saw the Facebook post and left a message in the comment section. She informed them that she did not take off the tracking monitor. She said that it was taken off of her by the police when she went to jail and that they never put it back on when they released her.

The Las Vegas Traffic Bureau saw the woman’s comment. They responded to her and told her that she should turn herself in so they could immediately work out the problem.

That evening, the woman talked to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department intervention officer. The following afternoon, she turned herself in.

It was reported that she is now required to spend six months in home confinement, and her car must have an interlock device so she cannot start it if she has been drinking.

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