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When the police were searching for a Las Vegas woman who has had seven DUI arrests since 2008, she left a comment on a social media post asking the public for help locating her.

A 35-year-old woman who has had seven DUI arrests since 2007 was offered a plea bargain in her most recent case. Part of the deal included allowing her to enter a treatment program for felony DUIs, and if she gets another one, she will have to serve time in prison.

She had a court appearance scheduled regarding the program and she did not show up.

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Home confinement is often an attractive alternative to doing jail time, but in some cases, making your ankle bracelet attractive carries its own punishment.

Rebecca Gallanagh was charged with the crime of public disorder for being involved in a fight outside of a local nightclub in the UK. As an alternative to incarceration, she was fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet that monitors her position through GPS satellites. She was ordered to adhere to a strict 9PM curfew in her home that officials could monitor through the signals received by the device.

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