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Mom Tied Son to Car and Dragged Him Down Highway

A mother in Texas allegedly punished her son by tying him to her vehicle with a seatbelt and dragging him down the highway.

Late in the morning on May 2, someone reportedly saw a woman and youngster in a car on the highway, and they believed the child was in danger. They notified the authorities and said that the woman pulled the child from the car and tied him to the vehicle. The woman allegedly got back into the vehicle and began driving, forcing the youngster to run next to the car.

A deputy with the Archer County Sheriff’s Office responded. When they encountered the vehicle that was reported, the deputy performed a traffic stop to make sure everything was okay.

The woman told the deputy she stopped her vehicle because her son was giving her a hard time. She said she told the boy she was going to wait for an apology before they continued in the car. The woman said she did not drive the car with her son running beside it.

It was reported that the deputy told the boy to apologize, and then let the woman drive away.

Shortly after, the deputy was told that the sheriff received a video of the incident with the woman and child. It reportedly showed her accelerating and stopping while the boy was tied to the vehicle. The child gripped the car and tried to keep his feet off the ground.

The deputy tracked down the woman a second time, and she said the child “would not get out of the road and she had to do something to control him.” The deputy let her go on her way.

Later that day, the woman was taken into custody by deputies from the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office and booked into the Wichita County Jail. She is expected to be charged with one count of abandoning or endangering a child.

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