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Gas Thief and Several U-Hauls Set Ablaze With Firework Mishap

An unsuspecting suspect that was siphoning gasoline, in addition to four U-Haul trucks were set on fire when an Oregon man allegedly tossed a lit mortar firework at a woman setting off a chain reaction of fire-related events.

Early in the morning last Sunday, 28-year-old Dylan Thomas Hannah was reportedly involved in a heated verbal exchange with a woman in the parking lot of a U-Haul center in Eugene, Oregon.

Hannah was reportedly seated inside his vehicle while the woman was standing nearby when he allegedly lit the wick on a mortar-style firework and tossed it in her direction.

The woman quickly dodged out of the trajectory of the firework, and when it exploded it threw sparks across the pavement throughout the lot.

At the same time, a man was reportedly attempting to siphon gasoline out of one of the U-Haul trucks on the lot.

The alleged thief’s clothing caught on fire and he was reportedly seen as he ran away from the area, while, according to the Eugene Police Department, “Three to four vehicles were engulfed in the fire” due to the spilled gasoline acting as an accelerant when the sparks came into contact with the highly flammable substance.

Just before 6:00 am when the authorities were alerted about the blazes, the police and the Eugene-Springfield Fire Department dispatched to the U-Haul location.

After collecting details of what allegedly transpired, the police believed Hannah was responsible for the situation. They went to his home where he was taken into custody, and it was reported that he had another firework in the residence.

Hannah was booked into the Lane County Jail, and he is facing charges for suspicion of second-degree criminal mischief, and misdemeanor reckless burning. He was additionally found in violation of his active parole.

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