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Girl Scouts and Cancer Center Say Treasurer Embezzled $88k

After thousands of dollars reportedly went missing from the accounts of more than one Girl Scout troop and the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, the person they suspect is responsible for the illegal misappropriation of the funds is now facing criminal charges for the allegations.

Around 15 months ago, a new employee working in accounting for the Girl Scouts found that some of the financial records appeared suspicious. The claim was reported to the authorities and an investigation was opened inspecting the activity of the woman who served as treasurer for several Girl Scout troops over the span of two decades.

During the investigation, it was allegedly discovered that the suspect, 52-year-old Patricia Cascione, had reportedly stolen over $58,000 from the Girl Scouts accounts within the last five years.

Upon further digging into Cascione’s past activities the authorities reported that while she was employed as the CFO of the Beverly Hills Cancer Center she had also allegedly stolen money from them totaling over $30,000.

Cascione was taken into custody and booked at the Santa Clarity Valley Sheriff’s Department where she is facing charges of grand theft.

After Cascione was released on $200,000 bail, the police searched her residence and reportedly discovered items such as financial records that they believe show proof of her alleged involvement in the thefts.

They additionally stated that from their assessment while inspecting her home they believe she was likely using the money because she was in a financial crisis, and not for pleasure.

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