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Suspect Says His Drunk Driving was a Kindly Act

Just after 1:30 am on Sunday, a man and his female passenger had been in attendance at a wedding where he had been drinking, and following the event, he was reportedly driving them home.

An officer that was on patrol in the area that the man, 27-year-old Allan Pineda, was driving reported seeing the vehicle being driven erratically, and on the wrong side of the road in the direction of oncoming traffic. He also alleged that the car had hit the curb more than once.

Pineda was pulled over and when the police officer questioned him he allegedly said that he had attended a wedding where he had been drinking. The 20-year-old woman with Pineda was also allegedly intoxicated. Pineda reportedly told the officer that even though he was under the influence of alcohol his passenger was even drunker, so he was doing a good thing when deciding he would be the driver.

Breathalyzer tests were given to Pineda, who registered a blood-alcohol content of .22 percent, and the woman accompanying him, whose level was recorded as .13 percent.

Pineda and his passenger were taken into custody, and during his arrest, Pineda allegedly continued telling the officer that he believed he made the proper decision to drive since he was less drunk than the woman.

Pineda is facing charges of improper lane usage, and DUI. The woman was charged with underage drinking. She was additionally charged for possession of marijuana when the authorities allegedly found her carrying it.

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