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Girl Shot While Deputy was Showing Son how to Clean AR-15 

An allegedly inebriated Florida deputy is facing charges after a girl was struck by a bullet when he was trying to show his son how to clean an AR-15 rifle. 

On November 23, an off-duty St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy was reportedly at home with several children. 

According to reports, the man had been drinking, and he decided to teach his son how to properly clean an AR-15 rifle. 

The rifle was reportedly sitting on a TV tray, and the tray fell over causing the weapon to hit the ground.  

He did not know the rifle was loaded, and when it fell on the floor, a round was fired. 

A girl in the home was struck in the abdomen by the bullet.  

911 was notified about the incident, and when the police arrived, they reported that the deputy appeared to be inebriated. They reported that he told them he had at least six beers during the day.  

The girl was rushed to the hospital where she required surgery for the injury, but it is reported that she is expected to recover. 

When the authorities spoke with the deputy’s son, the boy reportedly told them that his dad drinks beer and liquor regularly.  

The man was taken into custody, and he is preliminarily charged with felony aggravated child neglect with great bodily harm, and two misdemeanors for using a firearm while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, and culpable negligence inflicting harm. 

He was tested, but the man’s blood-alcohol content has not been made public at this time. 

The law enforcement officer, who was hired by the department in August, was placed on administrative leave as a result of the incident. 

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