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Girlfriend Choked For Suggesting Channel Change During Impeachment Trial

A man has been accused of responding to his girlfriend’s request to watch something besides the Donald Trump impeachment hearing by assaulting her.

On January 21, 53-year-old Lonnie Clark and his girlfriend were together in the room at the Scottish Inn in York County, Pennsylvania where the man resides.

Clark reportedly decided to spend the day watching the President’s impeachment trial and his girlfriend said the content appeared to put him in a foul mood.

When the woman reportedly suggested that they watch something in place of the ongoing political programming Clark allegedly reacted by pushing her around, punching her, and grabbing her by the throat before his girlfriend was able to lock herself in the bathroom.

Clark departed the hotel room and his girlfriend went to the office to notify the authorities.

When officers from the Fairview Police Department interacted with the alleged victim at the hotel she told them that she tried to calm her boyfriend down but he allegedly became more upset, so she made an attempt to remove herself from his space. She stated that he grabbed her and put his hands around her neck causing her to struggle to breathe, and punched her twice.

The officers noted that the woman was sporting redness on her neck and cheek, and they assumed they were caused by her alleged altercation with Clark.

Clark was interviewed by the police and he said that it was his girlfriend and not him who became physically aggressive and he pushed her in an attempt to defend himself.

The police suspected that Clark was responsible for the reported domestic violence, and he was placed under arrest.

Due to the allegations, Clark is expected to face charges for strangulation, simple assault, and harassment. He was released on a $5,000 unsecured bail.

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