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Woman Drove Away Naked After Assaulting Husband and Son

During an altercation with her husband a woman allegedly struck both her spouse and her son before reportedly leaving the premises in her vehicle while completely nude.

On January 11, a woman returned home to her Stuart, Florida residence, and her 20-year-old son and 48-year-old husband were already there when she arrived.

The married couple reportedly began to argue in front of the son, and the situation escalated to the point where the woman allegedly threw a book at her spouse during the verbal explosion.

After allegedly propelling the book at her husband the woman reportedly began to strip naked while still participating in the argument, and then reportedly pitched a magazine at the man.

The woman’s son watched the dispute as it took place and he was said to have attempted to usher her into another room, but she allegedly resisted and became physically aggressive with him.

The reportedly still heated woman bolted from her residence without any clothing on and drove away in her Jetta.

Martin County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the reported domestic violence, and while interacting with the woman’s son they recorded that he displayed what appeared to be scratches on his body. It was purported that they were caused by his mother during her alleged struggle with him.

The authorities located the woman and spoke with her about the allegations, and when they asked her about what transpired she allegedly said that she was in a state of panic and became aggressive during the fight with her husband. She additionally was recorded as stating that she and her spouse normally have a very close bond.

The deputies felt there was probable cause to place the woman under arrest and she was booked into the Martin County Jail for suspicion of domestic battery.

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