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Girlfriend Torched Man’s Home After Release from Jail

An Indianapolis woman is back behind bars after allegedly setting her now ex-boyfriend’s house on fire with a butane torch used for smoking meth after she was initially released from jail for an unrelated matter.

On March 29, a 26-year-old woman and her boyfriend got into a fight about his displeasure over her visiting a casino. She reportedly got upset and texted him, threatening to drive his truck through his home. Just to be safe, the man called the authorities to report the situation.

Officers located the woman, and when they learned she was driving without a valid license, she was taken into custody.

The following morning, the man picked her up at the jail to give her a ride home. It was reported that the woman was sure her boyfriend was responsible for her arrest the night before, and during an argument about the situation, she informed him that she and her daughter would be moving out of the residence.

The couple continued to argue, and when they reached the home, the woman began packing her things and putting them into the truck. Her boyfriend detected the smell of smoke and went to his room to see where the scent was coming from.

When he walked in, the man reported that his clothing hanging in the closet was on fire.

The authorities went to the residence to investigate, and they reported that a purse with two butane lighters and a casino card with the woman’s name was in a nearby yard. The man alleged that she used the same type of lighter for smoking methamphetamine.

The next day, the woman was booked into the Johnson County Jail for suspicion of one count of fourth-degree felony arson — knowingly damaging by fire the dwelling of another without consent. She is currently being held in lieu of a $100,000 cash bond.

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