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Man Stole Military Truck Minutes After Jail Release

A Maryland man incarcerated for missing a trial hearing for his theft charge allegedly stole a military vehicle minutes after being released from custody.

At the end of January, a man in Harford was charged with two counts of theft-$1,500 to under $25,000. A court appearance was scheduled, and the man was reported to have missed the hearing. A bench warrant for his arrest was issued.

On May 10, the man was located by the authorities and taken into custody. He was held at the county jail for two days. He was released after he posted a $1,500 bond.

Approximately 5 minutes later, the man allegedly went to a residence about a block from the jail. A five-ton military vehicle was parked outside, and the man reportedly climbed inside in a purported attempt to steal it.

The owner of the truck noticed what was happening and tried to prevent the auto theft, but the suspect was able to get away.

The Hartford County Sheriff’s Department was notified, and the alleged victim told the deputies that he tried to stop the man by climbing into the truck, but he was unsuccessful.

A short time after the alleged truck theft, the police spotted the vehicle being driven in Bel Air. They saw the driver get on the Interstate and began to trail him.

When the suspect did not stop, the authorities unsuccessfully attempted to use stop sticks.

The man exited the Interstate and entered a residential area, and when he realized the vehicle was too large to navigate on the narrow road, he reportedly jumped out and fled on foot.

Deputies were able to quickly catch and detain him.

He was incarcerated in the Harford County Detention Center without bond. He is facing new charges on suspicion of motor vehicle theft, two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, and failing to obey a lawful order.

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