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Angry Customer Attacked Elderly Walmart Greeter

When a Walmart greeter had a disagreement with a customer over whether an item had been paid for the man allegedly assaulted the worker causing injury to the elderly man.

42-year-old Craig Valentine was shopping at a Walmart near Houston on Friday evening.

After checking out, Valentine made his way toward the exit door with his purchases where 75-year-old Mohindra Radhawa was stationed for his shift as the greeter.

Radhawa, who is charged with checking the receipts of customers leaving the store as one of the duties of his job, was looking over Valentine’s receipt when he believed that it displayed a discrepancy. Valentine allegedly had a multi-pack of Gatorade in his basket that Radhawa was unable to locate on the transaction slip.

As he was confronted about the possibility that he had taken the item without paying for it, Valentine, who had been given back his receipt by Radhawa, disputed the allegations and said that he had paid for the drinks.

Since he still believed Valentine was trying to take off with unpaid merchandise Radhawa proposed that he be granted the opportunity to look over the receipt a second time. Valentine, who was allegedly unhappy about the incident, was said to have refused the request.

Instead of handing the employee his slip Valentine is accused of punching Radhawa in the mouth causing him to land on the floor where he purportedly lost consciousness. Radhawa’s glasses were also allegedly damaged in the event.

After the incident, Valentine reportedly left the Walmart with his items.

A deputy with the Harris County Constable’s Office collected a statement from the alleged victim and said that the man had visible injuries on his lip and head.

The following Monday, Valentine reportedly placed a call to the Walmart where the incident took place. He allegedly wanted to express his apologetic feelings for what had transpired between himself and Radhawa.

Deputies located Valentine’s residence and he was placed under arrest. He is facing a felony charge for suspicion of causing injury to an elderly individual, and he was jailed in lieu of $1000 bond.

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