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Inmate Escaped Using Department of Corrections Truck

The authorities caught an inmate after he reportedly attacked a corrections agent and tried to escape by stealing the injured officer’s vehicle and causing traffic accidents after he fled.

Dalton Ayers, 23, an inmate at the Florida Department of Corrections state prison, was convicted for possession of ammunition as a convicted felon, and petit theft.

Ayers, who is serving a 14-month sentence from the conviction, was on an outdoor work detail at the beginning of December.

At approximately 1:00 pm, a corrections officer who was driving a DOC truck encountered Ayers, and Ayers allegedly smashed the officer on the head with a shovel.

Ayers then reportedly stole the officer’s truck and fled from the scene in a purported attempted prison break.

The police, who had a helicopter trailing the vehicle, reported that Ayers was able to evade being captured for approximately one hour, and he crossed two county lines.

In front of a BBQ stand near an intersection in Okahumpka, Ayers reportedly slammed into a vehicle and caused it to roll several times before it came to a halt on its side.

The owner of the food stand reported that he watched as Ayers continued driving down the road after the accident, and the driver of the overturned vehicle was taken to the hospital.

A few moments later, Ayers reportedly hit another car, causing a second accident.

The authorities were able to detain Ayers, and he was taken back into custody.

It was not reported what charges he could face as a result of the alleged attempted escape.

The corrections officer that Ayers reportedly hit with the shovel was taken to the hospital for assessment, and he was released with a small wound on his head and pronounced in good health.

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