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Hassan Haskins and Girlfriend Arrested for Domestic Violence

Tennessee Titans running back Hassan Haskins and his now ex-girlfriend were arrested for domestic violence offenses after the woman gave another man attention on Instagram, and it caused an explosive argument.

On June 22, Hassan Haskins and his live-in girlfriend were in their Nashville home when the man noticed she clicked “like” on a man’s Instagram post. The internet action caused the pair to argue, and things reportedly became heated.

According to reports, the woman threw Haskins’ shoes in the closet, and the fighting became physical. They allegedly slapped each other, and Haskins reportedly held the woman by the throat for 10 – 15 seconds using both hands. When the fight settled down, Haskins left the house.

Six days later, Haskins and his girlfriend were discussing the dissolution of their relationship at a restaurant. They left the eatery separately, and when the woman got back to the house, she allegedly smashed a glass on the floor and locked herself in the bedroom. Haskins reportedly kicked a hole in the bedroom door.

It was reported that the woman snatched Haskins’ cell phone and saw it contained sexual images of other women, causing her to break the device. She also allegedly broke his video game console and choked him with the handle of a broom. Haskins recorded part of the woman’s alleged tirade.

Haskins was taken into custody for the incident that occurred on June 22. He was booked into the Davidson County Jail and is expected to be charged for suspicion of aggravated assault by strangulation. He was released after he posted a $10,000 bond.

His girlfriend was arrested for her alleged involvement in a fight the couple had earlier that day. She may face charges of aggravated assault by strangulation and felony vandalism. She was held in the county jail on a $7,500 bond and released later that day.

They both have a scheduled court date scheduled on July 10.

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