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Store Clerk Stole Man’s Misplaced Winning Lottery Ticket

A Massachusetts man reportedly purchased a winning lottery ticket, but when he accidentally left it behind at the store the clerk allegedly tried to cash it in and keep the $3 M winnings for herself.

On January 17, a man went to Savas Liquors in Lakeville to pick up a bag of potato chips and a lottery ticket.

The customer paid for the items, and when he exited the store, he reportedly left the lottery ticket at the checkout counter. Another customer in the establishment noticed the man left his ticket, and they brought it to the attention of the cashier.

It was reported that the employee took the ticket and kept it for herself.

Two days after the alleged lottery ticket theft, the cashier and her boyfriend were reportedly given a ride to the Massachusetts Lottery Headquarters in Dorchester by another employee from Savas. It was reported that the woman offered him a piece of the payout for his services.

When the ticket was checked at the Headquarters, they thought something seemed amiss because it had burn marks on it. The woman told them that it was scorched when she laid it down on a pipe.

According to reports, a conversation between the woman and the driver was caught on surveillance at the lotto office, and she was overheard arguing with him about the amount of money she was going to give him.

The winnings were withheld, and the lottery officials said the money would be given to the winner after an investigation. Within a month, the person who purchased the ticket was tracked down, and they collected their windfall.

The DAs office reported that they are seeking to charge the store clerk for larceny from a building, attempted larceny, presentation of a false claim, and witness intimidation.

The woman has pleaded not guilty to the accusations.

The coworker who allegedly drove the suspect and her boyfriend to the state lottery office may also face charges of attempted extortion.

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