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High School Students Record Teacher Snorting Drugs in Classroom

A high school teacher in Indiana has been accused of using drugs on school grounds inside of her classroom after students witnessed her snorting powder and one of them video recorded her on a cell phone.

Samantha Cox, an English teacher at Lake Central High School, had been inside of her empty classroom on Wednesday when she allegedly went into a corner where she believed she would not be seen in order to snort an illicit substance.

Students began to arrive outside of the classroom and they spotted Cox trying to be inconspicuous in the far corner. When they became aware of what she was doing one of them pulled out a cell phone and began documenting her drug use. The video was then uploaded to social media, but it has yet to be officially authenticated.

While the students were in between classes they told the school administration staff what they had witnessed, and the St. John police were notified. Dyer police lent their assistance when a drug-sniffing dog was requested at the scene. The police purported that the substance Cox was snorting was a mixture of cocaine and heroin.

24-year-old Cox was arrested and charged with felony drug possession and misdemeanor paraphernalia. She remains in Lake County Jail. In Indiana felony drug possession can hold a penalty of up to two and a half years in prison.

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