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Homeless Man Held Without Bail For Attacking Woman

A man claiming to be the last human on the planet Earth allegedly approached a woman as she was entering her apartment building and proceeded to assault her.

25-year-old Austin Vincent makes his home on the streets in San Francisco.

On August 11, just after 1:30 am, Vincent allegedly went up to a woman as she was about to walk through the front door of the Watermark condominium complex where she resides.

According to the alleged victim, Paneez Kosarian, Vincent said he was trying to offer her protection because he believed he was the last human being on the planet, and that all of the other inhabitants were robots posing as people.

As depicted in a surveillance video at the scene, when Kosarian tried to go inside Vincent reportedly grasped her by the leg and dragged her away from the building in the direction of the street. A security guard from the complex spotted the alleged assault and helped Kosarian safely get inside, and Vincent left the scene.

When the authorities were notified they located Vincent nearby and took him into custody for the allegations.

Vincent was charged with false imprisonment, battery, and attempted robbery, for which he entered a plea of not guilty. The judge determined that he would be released with an ankle monitor bracelet.

Shortly after he was let go, three women who had been the victims of an assault at knifepoint saw Vincent’s photograph and told the authorities that he was the perpetrator of their attack.

Vincent was notified that an arrest warrant in the amount of $10,000 was issued and he was ordered to turn himself in.

He was arrested a second time, and he appeared in court for the allegations that he assaulted the women who identified him. During the hearing, his lawyer showed the judge that his client was in Huntington Beach in a substance abuse treatment program when the attack on the three women had taken place.

Though the charges against Vincent for that incident were dropped the judge decided he would not allow the man to return to the public with his ankle monitor, but instead he would be incarcerated without bail because the “totality of circumstances” gave the impression that Vincent may not return for his next scheduled court appearance.

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