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Suspect Used McNuggets in Attempt to Conceal Drugs

A man who was staying in a Largo hotel room is facing charges after police allegedly found that he was trying to hide narcotics in a fast food container which was also holding chicken nuggets.

Last weekend, the authorities made a middle-of-the-night visit to 34-year-old Eric Little at the hotel room where he was staying.

While looking around, the police spotted a backpack in the room and looked to see what was inside. They reportedly discovered a syringe that was believed to have been previously used for injecting drugs and a container of Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s.

Upon opening the nugget box, two bags containing different substances were allegedly discovered amongst the chunks of poultry.

It was assumed that the backpack and its contents belonged to Little since it was in his room, and the baggies were purported to be holding fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Little was placed under arrest, and the authorities reported that “a presumptive test was positive” for both of the suspected substances, according to the affidavit.

A presumptive test is typically administered prior to lab testing, and it is done by mixing a sample of the substance in question into a solution that changes color to gives an idea of what type of substance the sample might contain. They lack the precision of laboratory testing but may provide enough information to assist in determining which testing to apply for more accurate results.

Little is facing charges of one felony count for narcotics possession, and one misdemeanor count for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released from custody on $4,150 bond, and he is scheduled to appear in court for the allegations in early September.

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