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Homeowner Shot Would-Be Swastika Flag Thief Many Times

When an Oklahoma woman accepted a dare and attempted to steal one of the swastika flags from a nearby resident’s yard, the man allegedly shot her four times in a purported attempt to protect his property.

Early in the morning on June 28, a 26-year-old woman was attending a get together that resulted in someone at the gathering challenging her to take one of two swastika flags flying outside a neighboring home.

The woman decided to partake in the endeavor, and she crossed the road and grabbed one of the flags from the bracket which held the pole in place.

As she headed back to the party, the woman only got as far as the driveway’s end before the resident reportedly took action against the purported theft.

The homeowner, 44-year-old Andrew Feaser, allegedly emerged from his residence with a rifle in hand and fired it in the direction that the woman was fleeing.

It was reported that four fired bullets struck the woman, and she made it to a ditch across the street from Feaser’s residence.

She was found by the authorities after they responded to notification of the incident.

At approximately 3:00 am, the police learned about the event and reportedly visually confirmed that several bullets penetrated and injured the alleged victim.

Officers went to Feaser’s house and spoke with the man about the situation, and he was placed under arrest for allegations that he caused the gunshot wounds to the woman.

Feaser was booked into the Garfield County Jail, and he is being charged for suspicion of felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and felony shooting with the intent to kill.

While inspecting the inside of Feaser’s home, the authorities reportedly found the gun they believe he used in the flag incident, in addition to many other firearms.

The alleged victim was reported as being in stable condition, and she is healing from the wounds she incurred.

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