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Suspect Shot Up Pizza Place Over Scant Toppings

When a man at a Little Rock pizza parlor allegedly became disgruntled over being offered less than what he considered the proper amount of toppings on his pie, he reportedly fired a gun through the front window of the building.

Just before 4:00 pm on July 29, Five Pie Pizza restaurant was reportedly visited by a man and woman who placed an order after entering the establishment.

When the food was given to the customers, the male took a gander at the item he was presented and allegedly asserted that he was intentionally gypped on the amount of toppings placed on his pizza.

The man, identified as 44-year-old Michael Brown from Mabelvale, reportedly requested the assistance of the manager to discuss the food faux pas.

The employee notified the manager with a call, and after handing the phone to Brown so he could speak with them, he allegedly threw it in the direction of the worker. The device reportedly smashed into the side of the woman’s face as it propelled through the air.

Due to his alleged phone assault of the worker Brown was removed from the establishment, and when he was outside the employees said they locked the door so he would not be able to return.

The man reportedly went to a van sporting the name and phone number of a drain cleaning business, and Brown allegedly made his way back to the front door with a gun in his hand.

When he was not successful in getting back inside of the pizza parlor, Brown allegedly fired at the front window of the store and shattered the glass.

The authorities tracked Brown using the number on the van that was recorded by witnesses and asked him to come to the police station to discuss the incident.

Brown complied, and he was taken into custody for suspicion of six felony counts of terroristic threats, in addition to one count of misdemeanor battery.

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