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Husband Arrested in Corn Field After Wife Reported Domestic Violence

After a Wisconsin woman notified the police and told them that her husband had been holding her hostage and subjecting her to different forms of physical violence, the authorities arrested the suspect in a cornfield the following evening.

Bartholomew Baumann, a 29-year-old married man from Beloit, Wisconsin, reportedly held his wife captive on Tuesday night and has been accused of hitting her repeatedly in the face, choking her, and dragging her around by her hair before eventually leaving the home.

Baumann’s wife reported the alleged incident to the police the following day and it was determined that Baumann would be taken into custody for the accusations.

When trying to locate Baumann the authorities learned that he was homeless and had been camping nearby for a place to stay. They continued to search for him and a citizen assisted them with information that they believed that they saw Baumann walking into a cornfield in the area.

The Town of Beloit Police Department, the City of Beloit Police Department and the Rock County Sheriff’s Office all worked together to apprehend Baumann by surrounding the field they were told he was in until he was found.

Baumann was taken into custody within an hour of the report of his location, and he was booked into the Rock County Jail. He is being held on a felony warrant from unrelated charges, and he is now facing possible domestic violence charges of battery, and false imprisonment.

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