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Illinois Man Facing Years in Prison for Sixth DUI

A man with five prior DUI’s was issued his sixth charge after reportedly plowing into a fire hydrant while driving under the influence.

38-year-old Andres C. Chavez resides in Palatine, Illinois.

Since 2007, Chavez has been charged with five DUI’s, resulting in the revocation of his driving privileges.

On the afternoon of March 15, Chavez was reportedly driving in a green GMC Yukon when he allegedly smashed into a fire hydrant. He reportedly left the scene, but witnesses were present when the accident occurred.

When the Palatine Police learned of the alleged hit-and-run, officers dispatched to the location and spoke with the people who said they watched the incident.

After collecting a physical description of the alleged suspect, the license plate number and description of the vehicle involved, and the statements from those at the scene, the officers began to search for the man.

The vehicle reported was seen driving down a local street by a police officer familiar with the situation, and a traffic stop was performed.

When Chavez spoke with the officer, the man reportedly displayed several indications that led the officer to believe he had been drinking alcohol.

The officer asked Chavez to take part in roadside sobriety tests and asserted that the man performed poorly.

Chavez was taken into custody, and the authorities discovered that he had five prior DUI’s.

He is facing charges for one felony count of aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, one misdemeanor count of driving on a revoked driver’s license, and one misdemeanor count of hit-and-run for the allegations.

When he attended his hearing the following day, the judge ordered a $100,000 bond.

Due to his priors, and the type of felony he is being charged with, Chavez will face a mandatory jail sentence of at least six years in addition to paying a fine if he is found guilty.

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