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Suspects Pulled Out Hot Gun Over Cold Food at McDonald’s

Two men are facing criminal charges after they complained to a McDonald’s employee that their hamburgers were not warm enough, and allegedly proceeded to wave around guns, one of which was believed to be stolen.

Early in the morning on Monday, 20-year old Jordon Dunn went to pick up his friend Jawan Davis.

When he retrieved his buddy the pair reportedly headed to a Palm Coast, Florida, McDonald’s nearby.

After placing an order including five burgers at the drive-thru, Dunn and Davis pulled forward and paid for their food. When they were given the sack of food the men complained about the cold temperature of the hamburgers and requested new ones in their place.

According to the drive-thru worker, each of the men made it known that they were holding guns by waving them around, and comments were made such as, “I do not play about my food.” The employee said that he felt he was in danger in the allegedly elevated response to the mishap with the order.

When the employee said he was going in the kitchen to have the order remade, he instead notified the police and informed them of the incident involving the men who were still at the drive-thru window.

The police showed up with guns drawn before Dunn and Davis left the location, and they were both handcuffed and interviewed separately after being placed in police vehicles. During his initial detention, Dunn reportedly disclosed that he had a little bit of marijuana inside of the car.

While issuing each of their statements to the authorities their reported stories, including that they were not serious about their actions or comments, seemed to corroborate.

Deputies searched the vehicle that was used by the suspects and allegedly located a handgun on the floor in the back seat on the driver’s side of the car, and a BB gun in addition to a small bag of marijuana on the passenger’s side.

The serial number on the gun was checked and allegedly matched with one that had been reported stolen. Jawan, when asked about the firearm, reportedly told the deputies that he had borrowed the car from a friend, and the vehicle’s owner told him the gun was under the seat and did not contain ammunition.

The men were taken into custody and Davis is facing charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and grand theft of a firearm.

Dunn is being charged with marijuana possession, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The employee who was working the drive-thru window stated that at this time he plans to move forward with pressing charges.

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