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A woman who reported someone for showing up at her residence and making threats to harm her was arrested when the police determined she falsified the claims against the man, who they believed she had never met before.

Just after midnight on June 16, 911 Emergency Assistance received a call from a woman in Iowa City who said she needed help from the police. She told them that she was pregnant with the child of a man she was no longer dating, and he was outside sending text messages that indicated he was going to harm her. She added that the man had a history of violent behavior.

Officers went to the residence and noticed a man walking away from the building. They started talking to him, and according to the police report, he said he never met the woman in person. He informed them that they began talking approximately a week ago on Snapchat. He said he had also been sending SMS messages and showed them his message history. The officers believed the content confirmed his statement regarding the situation.

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When the police handcuffed a suspect, they reported that the man denied ownership of a giant bag of marijuana they allegedly found bulging in his shirt.

On August 21, 19-year-old Kyle Clark and another man were at an apartment complex in Iowa City.

Just before 3:00 am, Clark and the man were reportedly trying to get inside one of the apartments, and several people notified the authorities.

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An Iowa man suspected of stealing a motorcycle was reportedly caught by the authorities when he Googled to find out how long methamphetamine can remain in one’s system.

53-year-old Robert Perez is from Iowa City.

Late in the evening on July 16, Perez caught the attention of a police officer when he was riding on a blue 2009 Kawasaki motorcycle.

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A group of people taking part in a peaceful protest in Iowa City were reportedly interrupted by a man who drove his vehicle into the gathering and injured some of the attendees.

Last Tuesday, a group of people was taking part in a protest march put together by the Iowa Freedom Riders.

Just before 8:30 pm, a Toyota Camry with a male driver and the headlights off reportedly barreled into the area where the people were standing.

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After trying to watch a movie while another patron was reportedly using their cell phone, an irritated Iowa yoga instructor allegedly lost his Zen and assaulted the offender that interfered with his experience.

34-year-old Nicholas Glasgow is a yoga instructor who reportedly spends many of his Tuesday evenings at the Marcus Sycamore Cinema in Iowa City.

Last September, Glasgow went to a showing of the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” at his regular haunt, and when he took a seat in the auditorium he reportedly noticed a man who appeared to be more interested in the content on his cell phone than what was to be displayed on the screen.

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