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Intruder Doused Sleeping Mom and Toddler with Hot Oil 

A man previously convicted for murder has been accused of attacking his cousin and her 18-month-old by splashing them with hot oil while they were asleep. 

41-year-old Michael Lee Maloney was convicted to a 10-year prison term when he plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter for beating a man to death with a baseball bat in 2000. According to his extended family, the Ohio man is currently without permanent housing. 

Maloney’s 20-year-old second cousin and her 18-month-old baby reside in Hamilton. According to reports, he had been staying in her home for a brief time, but she eventually asked him to leave. 

In the morning on December 21, the woman and her child were reportedly sleeping in bed together in her locked residence when someone allegedly broke into the home. 

The alleged intruder reportedly entered her bedroom and doused the woman and child with something that was asserted to be scalding oil. 

It was reported that the suspect fled from the home without taking any items, and the woman called 911 to notify them about the incident. 

The Hamilton Police Department sent officers to the residence. The woman and her toddler were injured and in need of immediate medical attention and they were taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

The police were unsure about who had entered the home without permission, and an investigation was opened. 

After gathering information, the authorities believed Maloney was the person responsible for the attack on his cousin and her baby.  

Maloney was taken into custody six days after the incident was reported. 

He was booked into the Butler County Jail on a $100,000 bond. Maloney is currently facing two counts of felonious assault, but it was reported that the family said they would like to see him charged with attempted murder. 

It was reported that Maloney’s cousin had to undergo more than one surgical procedure due to the burns. 

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