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Jailed Mom Granted Bail after 2-years in Custody for Murder Charge

A judge has released a mother to a treatment facility after she was jailed for two years on a $2M bond for allegations that she murdered her stillborn child by using drugs while pregnant.

26-year-old Chelsea Becker is the mother of three children.

In the late fall of 2019, Becker gave birth to a fourth child, Zachariah Joseph Campos.

According to reports, Becker used methamphetamines while pregnant.

Zachariah was pronounced stillborn after delivery, and although the woman had three infections that may have caused the death of the baby, the authorities asserted that it occurred as a result of her use of meth. Becker’s other children also reportedly had meth in their systems at the time of their births.

Becker, who was reported as still being distraught over the loss of her son, was charged with murder and held in the King’s County jail on a $2M bond.

The woman has not been successful in raising the amount needed for her release.

The prosecution expressed that their reason for keeping her in jail is to send a message to all pregnant women who consider using drugs.

Becker’s defense has addressed the fact that in the state of California, the laws of homicide exclude pregnant women. They have also asked that the judge consider that Becker has not used narcotics in years, and treatment instead of incarceration will provide her the best chance for lasting recovery.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra believes that the defense is correct in its stance, and he has shown his support for Becker’s case. He has attempted to ask that the judge drop the charges against Becker.

In contrast, the prosecution heartily disagrees with the idea that Becker is not responsible for the child’s death despite the defense’s citation of the law. They have asserted that Becker has a long-term history of drug use which puts her children in danger.

On March 9, Kings County Superior Court Judge Robert Shane Burns decided to grant Becker, who has pleaded not guilty, permission to be moved to an in-patient treatment center while she awaits her trial.

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