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Smuggled Loaded Gun Went Unnoticed in Jail for 17 Days

A woman arrested in February allegedly smuggled a firearm into the jail using her genitalia, and it remained with her in the facility for 17 days before the authorities located it.

On Valentine’s Day, 39-year-old Missouri resident Amy Natasha Wilhite was taken into custody for an assortment of allegations, including possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a firearm, failure to appear on two separate charges, and resisting arrest.

When Wilhite was booked into the Boone County Jail by the Columbia Police Department, it was reported that she underwent a full pat-down in addition to a standard body cavity search given to new inmates.

The authorities reported that they did not find anything during their internal and external body searches of Wilhite, and she was placed into the facility.

On March 3, Wilhite’s personal belongings were inspected by a jail officer.

Amongst the woman’s things, the authorities allegedly found a firearm. It was reportedly identified as a loaded North American Arms revolver containing 5 rounds of ammunition.

After digging into the details regarding the situation, the authorities asserted that the weapon belonged to Wilhite. They believed that Wilhite used her vagina to stash the loaded gun and intentionally smuggle it into the jail and that it had been missed when the body cavity search was conducted.

When she allegedly successfully had the weapon inside the facility, the authorities assert that Wilhite took it out of her body and stored it with her personal items.

Due to the belief that Wilhite is the owner of the firearm, she has had a felony charge for suspicion of introducing a weapon into a correctional facility added to the allegations against her.

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