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Jealous Accusations Culminated in Ketchup Assault

A woman was asleep when her long-term boyfriend allegedly covered her with ketchup after they had a verbal altercation regarding his belief that she had been adulterous.

37-year-old Peter Wagman and his 41-year-old girlfriend have been in a relationship with each other for the past 11 years. They currently live together in the city of Pinellas Park in the central Tampa area.

The couple reported that they have recently been experiencing relationship troubles due to Wagman’s alleged jealousy causing him to suspect that the woman was sharing herself with another man.

During a time period between Saturday night and very early Sunday morning, the pair again got into a fight when Wagman was said to have again accused his girl of cheating on him.

Around 4:30 am, after Wagman’s partner had fallen asleep, the green-eyed monster allegedly got the best of him and he reportedly dumped ketchup over the woman while shouting, “That’s what you get, b****!”

The authorities arrived at the residence a short time later and reported that they spotted the condiment all over the woman.

When asked about what had transpired, Wagman reportedly said that he was not the cause of the ketchup on his girlfriend.

According to the police report, Wagman had a bit of ketchup on the right leg of his pants, causing the officer to feel his denial of taking part in the event was not credible.

Wagman was taken to the Pinellas County Jail where he is facing possible prosecution for suspicion of domestic battery. When answering to the misdemeanor charge, Wagman reasserted his innocent with a not guilty plea.

Upon his release from custody the following day, it was ordered that Wagman is to have no contact with his girlfriend.

The couple has had minor incidents with the law regarding domestic violence claims in the past, one of which resulting in the alleged victim being placed under arrest for hitting Wagman during a bickering session.

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