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Jessamine County Sheriff Arrested in Own Driveway for DUI

The sheriff of Jessamine County was taken into custody after pulling into his driveway after allegedly driving while intoxicated.

63-year-old Kevin Corman has been the sheriff of Jessamine County for approximately 15 years.

Around midnight on September 9, Corman was reportedly driving his sheriff’s department vehicle.

According to the Nicholasville Police Department, they received an anonymous tip about someone driving erratically.

Officers went to the area reported, and they allegedly saw the sheriff driving his SUV. They began to follow Corman as he drove towards his residence.

Corman allegedly swerved over the painted line in the center of the road more than once. The officer driving behind him initiated a traffic stop as they reached his address.

Corman pulled into his driveway and got out of his vehicle to talk to the officers. It was reported that the man smelled strongly of alcohol.

When asked, Corman reportedly agreed to take roadside sobriety tests.

According to the police report, Corman, who has shingles on his left leg, was cooperative. He was tried to perform the instructed exercises, but he was reportedly unable to properly complete the tasks. Corman was reported as being too unsteady on his feet, so the officer decided not to continue with the test.

The sheriff said he would take a breathalyzer test, and it registered .136 BAC.

Corman was placed under arrest, and when his belongings were taken from his pockets he reportedly asked the officer to put them inside his vehicle.

When the officer placed the items into the SUV, he reported that there was a cup of something that appeared to be alcohol in the car.

The officer asked Corman to identify what was inside the cup, and the man allegedly said that it was bourbon.

Corman was taken to the station for booking. He was given another breathalyzer test which reportedly registered .107 BAC.

Corman was released from custody, and he remains on active duty while awaiting his court date.

Corman’s colleagues reported that he has never shown signs of having a problem with alcohol and that he has never been difficult to work with.

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