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Florida Man Bared Himself to Several Toll Collectors

A man from Central Florida allegedly drove naked through several toll plazas and inappropriately exposed himself to the toll collectors.

41-year-old Mark Anthony Fillyaw resides in St. Cloud, Florida.

At 7:10 AM on August 29, Fillyaw allegedly drove through a toll plaza. The toll collector in the booth reported that the man was not wearing any clothing.

Approximately 10 minutes later, Fillyaw reportedly went through a second toll plaza while naked.

Three days later, Fillyaw, again reportedly sans clothing, allegedly went to a different toll plaza. The man also reportedly went back to both of the locations he previously visited. All three toll booth operators reported that they were forced to see Fillyaw’s privates.

Around 7:15 am on September 5, Fillyaw reportedly went back to the two initial toll plazas he visited on August 29. The toll collectors at both of the sites reported that the man forced them to see his naked body a third time.

Florida Highway Patrol began an investigation into the reports of the alleged inappropriate repeat visits.

When the authorities spoke with the seven Osceola County toll collectors involved in the incidents, they each reported that Fillyaw was nude. It was also reported that the man “was touching his penis masturbating.”

When the toll booth operators were shown a picture of Fillyaw, each of them reportedly recognized him as the offender. The police report noted that “his identity matched exactly.”

Last Saturday, Fillyaw was at his residence when the authorities arrived and accused him of exposing himself at the toll plazas.

Fillyaw was taken into custody and booked into the Osceola County Jail on a $12,500 bond. He is facing six felony counts of exposure of sexual organs, and one misdemeanor exposure charge.

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