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Jury Weighs Threat of Castrated Child Molester

Kevin Reilly has served his prison sentences, has paid $6,000 to voluntarily be castrated, and spent more than 10 years in treatment at state mental hospitals. He claims he is no longer a threat to society.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Carroll said that Reilly was charged with molesting six girls between the ages of 4 to 8. He served three prison sentences and was incarcerated at a state mental hospital 14 years ago. Carroll added that “despite the castration, he still has sexual thoughts about prepubescent girls.”

An Orange County jury will convene this week to decide the question of whether Reilly should remain incarcerated in Coalinga State Hospital, or be released. This will be the second attempt for a verdict, as a July mistrial led to this case being re-tried. The previous jury was hung 8-4 in Reilly’s favor.

Reilly’s attorney, Holly Galloway, said that while there is no question of whether her client is a pedophile, the key question the jurors must decide whether he is likely to re-offend. His two doctors at the state hospital determined that he is no longer a danger to society, she added.

The District Attorney, in opening statements, said that Reilly lied to his doctors and examiners about the extent of his sexual desires.

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