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Woman Held At Gunpoint By Police During Childbirth

A woman went into labor on Tuesday morning and was given an emergency ride to the hospital by her husband. Because she had already given birth to three other children, the woman felt like the baby was going to come out immediately. They sped off toward the hospital with the woman screaming in pain with powerful contractions.

She attempted to contact 911 to notify authorities of the situation as her husband sped down the freeway at 85 MPH, but the dispatcher was unable to decipher her language since she was screaming in pain. That’s when a police officer spotted the vehicle speeding in a 55 MPH zone and gave chase with lights and sirens blaring.

The woman allegedly told her husband not to stop or slow down, as she was frightened by the possibility of giving birth to the child in the car. The officer, not knowing the situation, called for backup. A spike strip was laid and blew out the car’s tires, bringing the chase to a halt. That’s when officers reportedly drew their weapons at the couple. “I was in the middle of the highway having contractions with guns pointed at me,” she told reporters.

When officers became aware of the situation, they put away their weapons and gave the woman a police escort to the hospital. About an hour later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Although the couple was not charged with a crime, it’s possible that her husband could receive a speeding ticket.

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