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Kentucky Police Sergeant Left the Scene of DUI Accident 

Following his arrest, a police sergeant accused of fleeing the scene of a DUI accident he allegedly caused resigned from his position with the department. 

40-year-old Christopher Cowan was a sergeant with the Shepherdsville Police Department. 

Late in the evening on November 27, Cowan was reportedly driving his black truck near the Corbin Speedway in Whitley County. 

An officer with the fire department reported that they spotted a black truck speeding through an intersection that ran a red light.  

According to reports, the officer saw what he purported to be the same truck driving into the parking lot at the speedway.  

While the officer was watching, the driver of the truck allegedly backed up and smashed into a parked vehicle, and sped away. 

The officer reported that they got a good look at the license plate before the driver took off in the truck, and the Corbin Police Department was made aware of the situation. 

An officer that was patrolling the area near the arena saw a truck matching the description given by the officer who witnessed the alleged hit-and-run. The truck was parked in a different parking lot near the speedway. 

When the police went up to the man, they said he was standing at the back of the truck while kicking it and uttering curse words. 

The police spoke with Cowan, and it was reported that the sergeant smelled strongly of alcohol. When Cowan talked to the officer, he allegedly slurred his words. 

Cowan was taken into custody, and he is facing charges of suspicion of operating a car under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. 

On November 29, Cowan officially resigned from the police department. 

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