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Sexual Assault Victim Dumped Outside Abandoned Church 

Two men have been taken into custody after a grandmother was found in need of life support outside of an abandoned church in Detroit after being raped and beaten. 

On the morning of November 14, a woman who was visiting Detroit to spend time with one of her three sons for his birthday went out for a stroll.  

When the woman, who was reported as having familiarity with the area, was walking around she was attacked by someone.  

After the attack, the assailant, who was said to be a man accompanied by another person, ditched the woman outside of a local abandoned church. 

Someone was walking past the vacant church when they reported that they heard someone yelling for help. 

When the person calling out was located, it was discovered that she was a 63-year-old woman who had been sexually and physically assaulted.  

The police arrived and reported that the woman was severely injured. She was transported to Henry Ford Hospital. 

The alleged victim was reported as being unconscious, with serious traumatic injury to her brain. She was also suffering from hypothermia when she was brought to the hospital. 

The woman’s family has asked the public to report anything they might know about the assault. 

44-year-old Elvin Shepard was identified as the person suspected of sexually assaulting the woman. He was arrested, and he is currently expected to face charges of assault with intent to murder. His cash bond was set at $250,000. 

The second person, whose name was not disclosed, was also taken into custody. It was reported that the authorities do not believe the person was a part of the rape, but that they were involved in the situation. 

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