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KFC Worker Accused of Chicken Battery

An employee of KFC allegedly had an unpleasant encounter with a drive-thru customer resulting in accusations that she threw food at the man out of frustration.

30-year-old Shade Simmons was working her shift at KFC when she had a drive-thru customer who watched through the window while she prepared his food.

The man believed that Simmons was not following proper sanitation procedure while fixing his food and he became upset with the situation. After he spoke up about his allegations the two reportedly verbally taunted each other until his order was complete.

Upon handing the customer his food, the man accused Simmons of throwing the box at him. The item allegedly struck the man in the face, and the authorities were notified.

When the officer went to the residence and took a statement from the alleged victim, the man recounted the situation from his perspective and said that Simmons wasn’t wearing gloves or a hairnet while she worked with the food. He also said that his tooth and eyeglasses became damaged from the box during the altercation.

The officer then went to the restaurant to locate Simmons, and she said that the man was ungracious with his words towards her. She stated that he grabbed the food abruptly from her hands causing it to fall in his lap.

Simmons was placed under arrest and booked into the county jail and she is facing a battery charge. She was later released on $5,000 bond with a no-contact order prohibiting her from any association with the alleged victim.

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