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Suspect Stashed Four Designer Watches in Private Parts

A woman accused of stealing a man’s high-end watches reportedly tried to conceal them inside of her body before she was apprehended by the authorities.

A pair who met and spent time together inside of a nightclub in Miami Beach allegedly decided to leave the establishment and have a nightcap in the man’s nearby hotel room.

It was reported that the two had drinks together in the man’s room at the Clarion Suites into early morning hours. When the man excused himself to use the restroom, he returned to find that a Crown Royal bag he had that contained five watches worth just over $100,000 was not where he had left it.

After asking the woman, identified as 29-year-old Delajurea Brookens, if she knew anything about it, she allegedly ran out of the room and left the building.

The alleged victim followed Brookens and tried to stop her from leaving in a cab when she was purported to have started hitting him in the head resulting in his falling to the ground.

The cab driver notified the authorities, who found Brookens in a nearby alley. The Crown Royal bag was allegedly discovered in her possession and it contained one of the watches that was reported as stolen. The other watches were not located when the officers searched the area, but they allegedly found a small bag with white powder inside of Brookens’ handbag.

Brookens was taken into custody and during her booking process into the county jail, it was reported that the other four watches were found inside her vagina.

Brookens is facing charges for suspicion of grand theft, cocaine possession, and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

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