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Landlord Caught Sniffing Panties in Tenants Apartment

A mother reported that her home security camera recorded footage showing her landlord entering her apartment and sniffing her underwear.

Jorge Orellana-Arias lives in East Haven, Connecticut. He is an apartment landlord.

One of the tenants living in the building is a mother with a daughter.

In May, the woman reported that she believed someone was going inside of her dwelling when she was not home. She said that she attempted to block her doors, and she eventually installed a home security camera system.

The alleged victim said that the measures did not hinder the person from getting into her residence.

She reported finding video proof that a man identified as Orellana-Arias had been going into her home and touching her personal belongings.

Allegedly bypassing her deterrents, Orellana-Arias reportedly continued entering the apartment when no one was home, and without permission.

The woman’s daughter was by herself in the apartment one of the times the man allegedly came in. It was reported that Orellana-Arias was “startled” when he encountered the young woman, and he quickly left the residence.

When viewing the footage from the home security system cameras, the alleged victim said that she saw Orellana-Arias rifling through bedroom dresser drawers in both her and her daughter’s rooms.

The man allegedly found the tenant’s panties and removed them from the drawer in which they were placed. Orellana-Arias allegedly lifted the fabric to his face in a manner suggesting he was smelling the undergarments.

Orellana-Arias was taken into custody last Thursday. He was held on a $25,000 bond. The man is expected to face charges for third-degree burglary.

He was later released pending a mid-September court date.

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