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Lobster Thief in Hot Water For Skipping Court

A woman who is suspected of disorderly conduct for allegedly becoming intoxicated and snagging a live lobster on her way out the door of a restaurant is being pursued by the authorities after she reportedly failed to appear for a scheduled hearing regarding the allegations.

Last November, 42-year-old Kimberly Gabel was at a local Red Lobster restaurant early in the afternoon when she allegedly became rather drunk and was reportedly annoying the other patrons.

When the manager told Gabel that she would have to leave she allegedly began yelling at him and using obscene language before heading toward the door. Just as she was about to make her departure from the building Gabel allegedly stuck her hand inside of one of the live lobster tanks, snatched one of the shelled critters, and exiting the establishment with it.

Gabel, who told the officers she didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t know where the lobster went, was arrested for the allegations and charged with disorderly conduct, and petty theft. She posted $100 bond and was scheduled for a court appearance on February 18 regarding the incident.

On the day of her hearing, Gabel, who is reportedly homeless, allegedly failed to appear in the courtroom resulting in the judge issuing a warrant for her arrest.

The $100 Gabel initially paid for bond will be forfeited to the court due to her absence, and when the authorities catch up with her she will be sent to the county jail due to the warrant and held in lieu of a much higher amount of $513.

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