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Woman Strangled Bouncer After Butt-Grab at Club

A woman inside a New York nightclub is facing charges after allegedly causing a security guard to lose consciousness by strangling him when she believed he grabbed her buttocks.

On October 20th at the Five1Eight nightclub, 22-year-old Kierah Lagrave was hanging out with her friends when she felt someone grab her rear end while her back was turned.

Lagrave, who is also an employee of the club, was reportedly seen on surveillance video as she turned around and placed her hands around a nearby bouncer’s neck and pulled him backward until he fell to the ground and allegedly lost consciousness.

The security guard got up moments after he was seen falling, and Lagrave was informed by one of her friends that it was they, and not the security guard, who had touched her bottom.

The alleged victim notified the authorities and filed a complaint regarding the incident. The report resulted in Lagrave’s arrest, and she is facing charges of felony strangulation for the allegation.

Lagrave was released on her own recognizance and she is scheduled to appear in court on November 20th in regards to the charges.

Lagrave reported through Facebook that she has been issued death threats because people believe that she made up a situation dealing with a sexual assault that did not happen, but it is her belief that she has been the victim of one.

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