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Lost Man Arrested After Calling Police for Help

A Florida man with active warrants was arrested after getting lost in the woods and calling the authorities, who located him and found he was allegedly carrying drugs and paraphernalia.

On the morning of May 25, a 43-year-old man from Branford was walking in the forest near the Suwannee River. In time, he found he did not know where he was, and he decided to call the authorities to let them know he was lost. He gave them his last known approximate location and asked them to send someone to help.

A deputy with the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office and agents from the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission headed out to a spot near the Branford Greenway Trail, where the man mentioned when he provided a location. They combed the area and headed in the direction of the river until they found the caller approximately an hour later.

When they interacted with him, they let the man know that he had violated the terms of his probation, and there was an active warrant out for his arrest. As they detained him, the officers allegedly found cannabis and a pipe, and a few smoked joints in his pants pocket. His belongings were searched, and he allegedly had a second pipe and a container holding powder believed to be methamphetamine.

The man was taken into custody and jailed. He is facing preliminary charges of one felony count of possession of methamphetamine, one misdemeanor count of violation of probation, one misdemeanor count of possession of 20 grams of cannabis, and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia. According to facility records, he is currently being held without bond.

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