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Man Accused of Endangering Children at COVID-19 Vaccination Site

A purported protestor who reportedly drove his Jeep erratically in the parking lot at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic was arrested and charged with more than one criminal offense.
On November 11, a New Hampshire state mobile vaccine clinic was set up at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. It was reported that it was a special visit to the site because they had just begun giving out the COVID-19 vaccine to children ages 5-11.
Several kids were at the location, and the museum arranged for some activities to help create a fun environment. The director of the museum stated that they gave the children chalk and let them draw on the sidewalks, and a bit of music was played for entertainment. It was reported that approximately 400 people were in attendance.
In addition to the people there to get the COVID-19 vaccines at the museum, it was reported that a group of protestors were on the premises making it known that they were against it.
According to the authorities, someone that they purported to be a protestor began to drive a Jeep with the floodlights turned on was going in circles in a parking lot at the site. The vehicle was reportedly going fast, and it was believed that it was placing the youngsters that were playing on the sidewalk and others attending the event in harm’s way.
The Manchester police tried to get the driver to halt the Jeep and step outside of the vehicle to discuss the situation. It was reported that the driver refused to comply.
Officers were eventually able to detain the driver, and he was identified as 37-year-old Robert McClory.
McClory was placed under arrest, and he is expected to face charges for misdemeanor criminal trespassing and resisting arrest. His arraignment is scheduled for December 15.
No injuries were reported as a result of the alleged incident.
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