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Man and Minor Arrested for Drugs and Gun During Traffic Stop

When a man driving with a juvenile passenger was pulled over in Glendale, the pair was arrested when the officer allegedly found them carrying an illegal weapon and drugs.

22-year-old Angelo Smith and an underage passenger were reportedly traveling in a vehicle through Glendale, California late in the evening on September 5.

An on-duty police sergeant spotted Smith’s car and reportedly noticed that the lighting had a malfunction which rendered it illegal for operating on the road.

The sergeant performed a traffic stop, and while walking up to the vehicle he reportedly detected a strong smell of reefer. He also noted that there was an open backpack sitting inside the car, and he believed it contained a large bag of marijuana.

When the sergeant spoke with Smith, he reportedly told the man that he was going to look through the interior of the vehicle.

During his search, the sergeant allegedly discovered more of the substance that was purported to be marijuana than what he initially spotted. It was also reported that he came across an unregistered handgun, a sizeable stash of prescription pills, and quite a bit of money.

The deputy asserted that the items he reportedly located were intended for use in drug sales, and Smith was placed under arrest.

Though it has not been reported as to why the juvenile, whose identity has not been disclosed, was implicated in the alleged illegal activity, they were taken into custody as well.

Smith was booked and is expected to face charges for carrying a loaded firearm in public, marijuana sales, and possession of a controlled substance for sale. He was released without bail due to Los Angeles County’s current zero-bail order.

The underage suspect was granted permission to go home with one of his parents.

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