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Man Asks Police to Confirm Authenticity of Meth Purchase

A Florida man contacted the local Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday to request their assistance when he became concerned that he had allegedly attempted to purchase methamphetamine but suspected that he may have received the wrong substance.

Northern Florida resident 49-year-old Douglas Peter Kelly reportedly bought what he believed was methamphetamine from a drug dealer.

After allegedly using the substance Kelly suffered from a bad reaction which caused him to wonder if the drug he purchased really was methamphetamine, or possibly had been cut with another substance.

Around a week following the reported purchase, Kelly decided to notify the Putman County Sheriff’s Office and ask for their help. When speaking with the dispatchers he explained that he believed the drugs he was given may not be what he intended to purchase, and he requested that the narcotics division perform a test to positively identify the substance. Furthermore, Kelly disclosed that he intended to press charges again the person who sold him the drugs if it turned out that it was not the methamphetamine he believed it to be.

Police were compliant and Kelly was invited to bring the narcotics in to the station, and he was assured that they would run tests to find out what he had purchased.

Kelly made his way to the sheriff’s office and reportedly presented them with a small package wrapped with aluminum foil. When it was opened by the authorities they said that it contained a clear substance with a crystal-like appearance.

When the authorities performed a field test on the contents of the packet, they reported that the substance was identified as methamphetamine.

Kelly was informed that his drugs were authentic, and then he was arrested and charged for drug possession. He was booked into the Putnam County Jail where he is being held in lieu of $5,000 bond.

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