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Man Broke Into Bank and Hijacked Hand Sanitizer

During a string of reported burglaries, an Iowa man allegedly broke into a bank in the middle of the night and made off with their hand sanitizer, but left the money untouched.

39-year-old Mark Gray was convicted last year on a burglary charge, and the man, who lives in Sioux City, is still on probation for the offense.

On August 4, Gray allegedly showed up at the Security National Bank around midnight.

The door was locked for the evening, and Gray allegedly used a tool to break the glass so he could gain entry to the establishment.

While inside the bank, Gray reportedly walked through the lobby and headed toward a supply of the hand sanitizer placed on the counter for customer use, grabbed the antimicrobial gel, and headed out the door without taking anything else.

Just under two hours later, Gray allegedly went to the Counseling and Support Services therapy center and reportedly gained illegal entry to the building.

Around 5:30 am, Gray reportedly showed up at the Trattoria Fresco restaurant before it was opened for business for the day.

The man allegedly smashed a window and made his way into the eatery, where he was discovered by the authorities shortly after he got inside.

Officers from the Sioux City Police Department reported that while speaking with Gray about his presence in the restaurant, the man said that he needed money and was looking for cash and valuables.

It was asserted that Gray was the suspect involved in the break-ins at the bank and the counseling center, and he was placed under arrest for the allegations.

Gray was taken into custody and booked into the Woodbury County Jail on a $6,000 bond.

He is facing charges for suspicion of three counts of felony third-degree burglary.

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