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Man Broke into Motel Room and Attacked Couple 

A reportedly intoxicated man allegedly broke into a couple’s hotel room and assaulted an occupant before throwing a hammer at police officers at the scene. 

49-year-old James Kilcrease was recently staying at the Bridgeway Inn & Suites in Redding, California. 

Early in the morning on May 17, the Redding Police Department was notified about a man who was allegedly disturbing guests of the establishment. The people who reported the incident said they believed the suspect was intoxicated. 

Staff at the hotel were informed about the situation, and officers made their way to the address. 

The police learned that a couple who were guests at the hotel had someone break into their room while they were inside. 

According to the alleged victims’ reports, the intruder, who had fresh blood on his head, attacked them. 

The man had a bite mark on his ear, and he said that the burglar caused the injury. 

Both alleged victims said that the man in their room caused them to fear for their lives. They said they struck him with a hammer to try to make him leave, and though he departed from their room, he took the hammer with him. 

When the officers arrived, the man, identified as Kilcrease, was still holding the hammer. 

They reported that when they tried to get him to cooperate, Kilcrease threw the hammer in the direction of the officers. It did not strike or injure anyone.  

Kilcrease was detained and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.  

After he was treated and released, Kilcrease was booked into the Shasta County Jail. He may face charges of assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and false imprisonment. 

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