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Man Brutally Attacked by Wife and Daughter While Sleeping

After a man asked his wife for a divorce, she and their daughter were arrested for allegedly attacking him with a frying pan and a knife while he slept.

According to reports, on the morning of January 27, a man ran out of his Ashland City, Tennessee, home and went to his neighbor’s house. He was reportedly covered in blood and his head was bleeding and wounded. The authorities were notified, and the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office deputies went to the scene to investigate.

The deputies saw the man sitting outside with blood all over him from head injuries. They asked him what happened, and the man said he told his wife he wanted a divorce, and it did not go well and caused a huge fight between them.

It was reported that the man said he went to bed, and he was awakened the next morning when his wife and daughter assaulted him. He told the deputies his wife had a frying pan and hit him in the head several times, and his daughter threatened him with a knife. After fighting his way out, he went to the neighbor’s house to keep himself safe until the police arrived.

When the authorities talked to the alleged victim’s wife and daughter, they got a very different story. When they went into the home, it was reported that both women were on the floor and bleeding. They had cuts on them, but after being treated, they were reported as superficial.

The man’s daughter reportedly told the deputies that her father was regularly abusive. She said it was her dad who attacked them with the frying pan and knife, not the other way around. After their initial investigation, the deputies believed the woman and her mother were the aggressors, and they were arrested.

Both women were booked into the Cheatham County Jail, and they are each facing charges of attempted murder.

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