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Man Brutally Attacked Wife’s Coworker with Aluminum Bat

A Florida man is expected to face charges for attempted murder after he reportedly found out his wife was in bed with one of her coworkers in his Airbnb, and allegedly showed up with a metal bat and brutally assaulted the man.

On June 17, a woman and her coworker who was in town on business decided to grab a few drinks together after the workday ended. The man is a travel CT Technician who lives in Arizona. When they were finished with their drinks, he asked the woman to come back to his vacation rental in Lake Worth Beach to hang out.

Around 11:00 PM, the pair was reportedly laying on the bed, and they heard someone open the front door and let themselves in the apartment.

The man rose from the bed and walked into the other room to find out who it was, and he reportedly saw a man rushing towards him with what appeared to be an aluminum baseball bat.

According to reports, the intruder, who was identified as the woman’s 33-year-old husband, shoved the man onto the floor and held him down. He allegedly hit him three times with the aluminum bat, resulting in bloody injuries. He then began screaming at the alleged victim and warning him to stay away from his wife.

The woman rushed over and was able to convince him to let go of the alleged victim.

Others in the vicinity overheard the incident and notified the authorities, and the police headed to the address.

The alleged victim, who reportedly said he feared for his life during the attack, was transported to the hospital for medical assistance.

The security camera footage from the apartment was collected and reviewed, and the woman reportedly positively identified the assailant as her husband.

The suspect was placed under arrest at his Lake Park residence, where the police alleged that they found the bat. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated battery, and burglary with assault or battery.

He pleaded not guilty to the allegations and is scheduled to appear in court regarding the matter on July 17.

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